Thursday, February 6, 2014

Night wanderer

With all of my catching up posts, this one is up to date. 

I have an interesting fact to share about me that would surprise most. At the age of 34 I still talk and walk in my sleep, talk often!!! I did it as a small girl and apparently never grew out of it. I'll wake up sometimes in new clothes. I often awaken myself in another room searching for something. My husband will certainly tell you that he's awakened many a nights by me talking.

Well we may have another on our hands. I'm not convinced yet that he's not just waking up and getting out of his bed in during the night. But we're not sure yet. Who is this he I speak of? Denton, my one month shy of 3 year old. In the past month he's made it to our room 3 times. This has never happened before until now.

One night last week, I was dreaming something about Denton to where I said his name out loud. Once I did I receives a promp response of "yes momma." He was standing right by my bed. Apparently I had been talking before saying his name because my husband wasn't soundly sleeping any longer. He heard Denton say "yes momma" one time before I heard it. He thought he was lying in bed with me and ignored it. So once i heard him Inimmedietly jumped up and picked him up, "Denton what are you doing?" "Momma me want my George (Curious George)." As a consequence to some behavior he find' get to go to bed with George that night. I think he woke up looking for him and really went looking for him. It was so weird waking up to that sweet little voice right next to me.

A few nights later I was readjusting my sleeping position and was awake enough that I was lying there listening to Jeff snore next to me. Then I noticed with every snore I felt movement between my legs and his. I assumed it was him twitching. Then it continued even without a snore. I rise up, look down and see a cute little guy crawling up towards us. Denton!! "Momma me sleep in your bed." No sir! Put him back into bed and that was all. Geez.

Our 3rd adventure began one evening about 12:15. I was tossing and turning (not unusual) and was burning up. I decide to check what the heat is on and I noticed Denton's door was open. I go in to see if he's uncovered or what. He's not in there. I look at Lyndon's door, it's closed. I was beginning to have some panic in my heart. I won't even go into the possibilities that crossed my mind. Stupid tv shows like Criminal minds. I turn the hall and kitchen lights on, go back into our room to see if maybe he was in our bed and I didn't notice him before.....this is what I found and what I had previously walked by to check the air.

What in the world!!??? 

The next morning we ask him about and he says "you not come to my room." "Did you call out to us and we didn't come?" "Yes, so me went to your room."

Just the other night Jeff was awakened to a little sillouhette in the light of the clock sitting right next to him on his knees.  The little person said he wanted his pillow....

Oh me oh my!! Stay tuned for upcoming adventures of Us, Denton and I, the Night Wanderers.

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Melodie said...

oh that gave me a good laugh. jeff may never get a full nights sleep again, between you and Denton.