Sunday, February 2, 2014

Firsts for Lyndon

Lyndon had an exciting lunch at school one day. His school had the typical fundraiser. One of the prizes for selling so many items was a limo ride to lunch. We solicited to family members and a few friends and achieved that number. It was a pretty exciting lunch.
They got to ride to a local Cici's pizza for lunch that day. Parents were able to meet and attend. Once their the teachers lined the students up and instructed them on how things would go inside. She then said, there's "sprite and root beer" for you to choose to drink. Might I add we have not allowed Lyndon to have any sort of coke, pop, etc. I saw those big brown eyes slowly turn towards me. I felt a major life decision was on my shoulders in that instance. I felt like it wasn't the moment for me to say no pop and have him be singled out. Not that there won't ever be moments where we will have to stick to our standards and our boys will be singled out. But this was a time for a big first. So I mouthed to him "you can have something." The biggest smile came over his face. You would have thought I told him something more amazing.
"Mmmmm" savoring this root beer. It was a special moment to enjoy with him.
Silly silly silly boys enjoying a fun lunch out.

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