Thursday, February 20, 2014

Big boy eye exam

Look who's getting to be such a big boy, yet he still looks so little, especially at the eye doctor. He sat in the big chair, aka the space ship, all by himself. He looked at the screen ahead and said what picture he saw. His vision continues to improve. Which is a huge praise and we're so thankful for. Although with little ones his age it's not the most accurate, he's an approximate 20/65 with his glasses on. The doctor is very pleased with that progress. So we continue to patch so his brain will keep using that eye. We still have hopes that patching will also help strengthen the muscles so it will stay straight and not drift out. But it seems that we will have another surgery to tighten the muscles in that eye to keep it aligned. Totally cosmetic but worth it for his self esteem as he gets older. 
Big boy, although you aren't a fan of your patch you do a great job wearing it. SMS days, even some moments are harder than others. But it's doing it's job to keep your vision and that does make it worth it. You're a strong boy who continues to amaze us.

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