Saturday, January 4, 2014

Work-family-beach trip

We got to get away as a family in July.  My husband had to go to Houston for a work trip so we, the boys and I, tagged along a few days before.  Knowing that Houston is close to Galveston I was determinted we would head to the beach.  And that we did.

Before our beach day we spent the day downtown Houston at the incredible aquarium.  We were excited to go to it, knew it would be fun neat and fun, but we didn’t know how great it was going to be. We even left and went back to the hotel for naps and went back that evening.  We loved it!!!

We rode the train that goes through the shark tunnel over and over again.

They had an exhibit of white tigers.  Seems odd at an aquarium, but they were so pretty.

Splash pad fun is always welcomed on a Texas July day.

Lyndon is a champ and loves riding carnival, amusement park type rides.  These were a lot of fun!

Ok I do have to admit ferris wheels can take my breathe away.  It’s the downward motion that makes my stomach come to my throat.  Well this ferris wheel nearly goes over and above this major, busy highway.  I had some anxiety with the boys in it.  But it was still fun!

Then it was off to the beach!!  Yea!!  I love the beach and it had been a few years since we’d been to one.  Lyndon had only been to a beach in Florida once and this would be Denton’s first beach and ocean experience. 

The next two days where the days Jeffery had to go do work stuff.  So the boys and I did a few outings.  We were staying very close to a mall that had a great playground inside, a caruesel and a train.  That was a gem to have to do.  Then we swam at the hotel and watched movies.  Our evenings we were able to spend with Jeff and have fun dinners, like Rain Forrest Café.

It was a special treat to get to join him while he had to be away and lots of fun memories while there.  Thanks for letting us tag along!!!

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