Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Super" Halloween Fun

Boy, we love love Halloween.  I love costumes, I love parties, I love carnivals, we love it all!!!  Lyndon's old enough where he has an opinion and Denton's young enough where I can still choose his and make them a pair.  First Lyndon wanted to be Sully and Mike from Monster's Inc,  The first Sully costume I bough, not getting the best looking and more expensive one, was too small for my taste on him.  He didn't mind it and loved it.  But I also wasn't going to spend a fortune on the better one.  One day we headed to the costume store to look for a Mike costume.  I was kind of, ok straight up trying to talk him into someone else.  He saw the Despicable Me minions and wanted them.  I was good with that.  But wait, the second hand moved and he saw Super Mario and Luigi.  They were the final winners. 

Our first Halloween outing was with my parents to Storybook Forrest.  My parents took the boys for their first time last year and this was our first time.  It's a really cute event.

and George was there!
Our friend Aislinn and Kohen invited us to a pumpkin painting and cooking decorating party. 

Later that day I got to head to Lyndon's first school party.  I loved getting to be there with him.
oh, and it was crazy hair day
We don't have any pictures but we attended our church's Fall Festival.  It was a fun time.  We spent a large portion, practically all of our time on the moon bounce slide.

I was the luckiest momma in town one evening.  I had the best dates to the Mummy & Son Masquerade.  I was Princess Peach.  This was such a fun night. (look at these boys in these next pics.  Are they fun or what?  I couldn't choose between the best pics.)

Then actually Halloween night arrived.  We had our fun shadow friend and beautiful friendly witch joining us as well.

It would be a complete Halloween without it ending at my parent house.
every year something different...love it!

Makin memories folks makin memories

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