Wednesday, January 8, 2014

OH MY GOSH, Kindergarten

Folks, my life has changed forever, some of my heart leaves me every day and still 4 months later it’s hard on me.  What is this I speak of?  My Lyndon started Kindergarten, all day kindergarten!!!  AHHHH.  How is this even possible.  How’s it possible I’m at a stage in life, really how am I old enough to have a kiddo in kindergarten?  It’s so hard for me to believe.  But I’m here to tell you IT DID!!!
We had a great summer, best yet.  So much fun.  Lyndon had been asking to go to Build a Bear workshop, so we did that as a special day before school started. 

Meet Karston Wyatt, of course an OKC Thunder basketball player.
We had back to school night where we met his teacher for the first time.  This was a major thing for me.  This person will be spending more hours with my baby than I.  I had prayed all summer for the Lord to please place him with a teacher who will love him, protect him and lead him.  That night we met Ms. Wilson.  She’s a darling, young teacher.  (I’m now 4 months into school and I, we, LOVE her!!  Such a blessing.)

It was inevitable, the first day came.  I had to make a very special lunch, of course!!

Then it was time for drop off…ugh, my heart was racing.  Although, and thankfully, Lyndon was so excited. He was excited all through the summer and still when he went.  Praise the Lord!  If he struggled, kicking and screaming….oh man this momma may have walked him right back home. 
Look how big he is, yet he’s still so little to me.

Then, I had to walk away.

Let me tell you what Denton and I did

We headed straight to the zoo!!!  I had hoped and planned for a great and special fun day for the two of us.  Well, it wasn’t exactly the way I had planned for me to keep my mind off of it. 
It was the strangest thing, at the very same age both boys got a virus that caused sores in their mouth and throat.  So Denton had has this for a few days, but we also noticed about the same time we noticed the sores we also noticed him limping, not using one of his legs.  While we were at the zoo he was lying his head down on the stroller, nearly asleep and burning up with fever.  We left there and I got a hold of his pediatrician and the only appointment available that day was at 2:45.  Lyndon would get out of school, his very first day of school at 2:50.  AHHH, of all the times.  I scrambled around and my mother in law was able to take Denton to his appointment, knowing I would be following behind very quickly.  I just could not miss the very first day of my Lyndon coming out of his big school.  This is what I got to see,

I could see a blonde head reaching high and above looking around.  I’m glad I could be there for him.
Then we hurried over to the doctors.  The craziest thing on my Denton.  The virus that was in his mouth and throat had set into his hip.  CRAZY!!  It scared us all for a bit.  But with the use of Motrin only, not Tylenol it knocked it out.  By all means I am not glad my Denton was sick.  But it did have me distracted enough for a couple days and I didn’t sit and blubber over Lyndon. 
So my Lyndon is in school and I still just can not believe it!!!!

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they are getting so big aren't they!