Friday, January 3, 2014

No nap = no blogging

Hi!!  I’m Daysha from Behymer Business.  I loved having my blog to document memories of my family.  This past August my oldest son started kindergarten.  Up until 2 weeks before school started he was still napping.  Knowing he wouldn’t be napping at school and after him being away from me all day I wasn’t going to nap him once he got home.  Why am I sharing this?  Nap time was my time.  My time to clean.  My time to exercise, not that I did much.  My time to talk on the phone to friends.  My time to watch my shows.  My time to close my eyes and nap.  And, my time to blog!!!!!  Yes lil guy still naps every day.  But since my big guy doesn’t and he’s away from me all day I eat my time up with him after school.  So my blog has been neglected.  Better it than my family though.  But, it does make me sad to think of how many memories haven’t been documented.  So here I am, sitting in Salida, CO taking the time to go through pictures and memories and I’m going to catch up.  No one will care but this is my memory scrap book.  So next oh so many posts will be from months past but they will be fun memories!!!

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