Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hot air balloon Fiesta

Our little family got get away for another little trip.  We went to Albuquerque, NM for the Balloon Fiesta.  Two of my friends and I went on a girls trip 3 years ago and we fell in love.  I called my husband while at the foot of balloons and said we must come one day with our kids.  So we did!!!  As expected the events rely on the weather.  One day and night we were there the winds were to high for the balloons to launch.  Bummer.  The next evening and then the next morning were much better. 

The evenings are so incredibly neat to see.  The balloons blow up at what they call a glow and trigger their flames on the inside.  I was glad we were there the evening when the special shapes go up.  I turn giddy out there.  I really had high hopes that the boys would love it and they really did.

these boys I tell ya
folks this cow is huge!!
just giving perspective of how HUGE she is

I'll give you one guess who took this pic
spider pig spider pig
the famous bumble bee family

Then there's what is called the morning mass ascensions.  My friends and I didn't go to this.  You have to be down at the balloons around 5 am.  Everyone I ever talked to who's been said we have to take the boys down then.  Word was that there are hundreds of balloons ascending at once, as far as your eye can see.  So we sucked it up, set our alarms and went for it.  I have to admit I was the one more disappointed than anyone.  I was thinking "really, sure doesn't seem like what everyone had described."  It was still very neat to see but not what I expected.  We later heard that the winds were a little high again and not as many went up and not as many as once.  But like I said it was still a site to see.
our dark morning

eating the best mini donuts
slowly more and more
this one flew over, low, while the national anthem was playing
getting brighter and more balloons

 Folks, if you can, grab your kids, grab your kids and really is so neat and a lot of fun!

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