Friday, January 10, 2014

Experiencing OU football

We LOVE OU football.  We have season tickets and look forward to it every year.  It’s something my husband and I enjoy doing together.  We consider our season of many dates out!!  This year we had 3 home games in a row.  I feel bad asking for help with the boys that many weeks in a row.  It involves about 7 hours.  The third game was at 11 o’clock and just Tulsa, so it wouldn’t be real hot and not an important team.  So guess who I shared my ticket with, sweet Lyndon.  Honestly that wasn’t my first idea.  In fact I suggested someone else going with Jeffery.  I just wasn’t sure if it were too soon for him.  But daddy really liked the idea and couldn’t let it go.  So Lyndon went, and it did make for really sweet stories and memories.

I do have to admit it was hard on me for me just imagining my little guy being and not being apart of it. 

They had a great time.  Jeffery said Lyndon yelled louder than anyone around.
I think it was a fun day and definitely wore the little guy out.

Although, I am so next to take him and have these memories too!!!

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