Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tornado rescue

We live in what's called tornado alley. With that being said, it's not every year that a tornado is close enough for us to take shelter. In the past 5 years I've hunkered down in a hallway or closest 3 times with Lyndon, before Denton was born. We've gone to a storm shelter now twice. The first one was when Denton was between 3-4 months old, still on a heart monitor. This year Oklahoma has been hit hard. A sad, tragic hard. To be honest a good storm can bring some excitement. But after what happened in Moore, OK, along with being a mom now things are different. The day one was predicted to head towards us I was making our shelter plans, just as the weather men told us to. We have some great neighbors two houses down, that have a storm shelter in their garage, that have told us before we are welcomed. I was in touch with her and as she had said before she said to come down when  it was time. We gathered some snacks and water, our fire box with important papers and headed that way.
Jeffery had our fire box in a carry on bag that rolled so lil bit needed his. This pic makes it seem like they were scared. They weren't. It was exciting for them, an adventure.
We hung around in our friends house for a bit. Once it was predicted 10 minutes away from us, nearly a direct shot, we headed down. 
I must say, without a doubt, I am very grateful for this shelter, or more like a make shift grave!! Lol. It was tiny. We guess around 10x 4x5. Tiny!! But again, it would save my families lives!
My friend thought ahead and brought her iPad that had movies downloaded on it. Between the movie and suckers the kids had a great time.
The tornado basically disappeared as the storm passed over us then reappeared. A true miracle for us. Sadly not for all. A number of lives were lost and a lot of property damage. Truly heartbreaking and eye opening to how close it was.

We are so thankful God chose to spare us and all of our family and friends, and beyond thankful for our friends providing shelter for us.

We lost power for about 20 hours and had to load our refrigerator up in ice chests. We are blessed.

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