Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lyndon's one whole hand

5!!!!!  He really turned five on me.  Although I am putting it in writing that he told me he wasn't going to get any older than 5.  He better not.  5 was/is a big one for me to swallow.  That's a big boy.  But boy does this boy bring us so much joy. 
Lyndon loves: ALL things Thunder Basketball, basketball (playing, watching and reading about), Batman, t-ball (baseball), riding his 4 wheeler, making his brother laugh, helping his little brother do things he can't, loves to cuddle bug in the mornings and/or night times with his momma and daddy.

For his birthday party, first we had planned to have it at a bounce house place.  Then one day it dawned on me, he loves basketball, he loves to go to the Cube (our church's rec center) to play basketball so why not have it there.  Brilliant.  He loved the idea and we went with it.  He wanted Batman cupcakes and decor.  I talked him into a cake instead of cupcakes.  I guess I'm too lazy to decorate a lot of cupcakes.  Although, he was set on him having a cupcake though.  He really wanted a carrot cake cupcake.  The child has not even tried carrot cake.  But in the Winnie the Pooh books we read they eat carrot cake.  He also told me, "I like carrots and I like cake so I'll like carrot cake."  This was our first birthday party not at our house.  It was a lot easier this way.  But it's also just another reminder of how big he is.  This was also our first year to have school friends to invite.  He was real excited about those boys coming.

the bat mobile and figures inside it were Jeffery's from when he was 4

I'm not sure who was more excited about these shoes

what a guy, his friend Chris Allen even came, such a treat

after his first t ball game that morning and a great birthday party
he was ready for a nap
We are beyond blessed that God chose us to be your parents Lyndon.  From the moment we knew we were going to be parents, from your scary entrance into this world and without a doubt still today we are so happy you're ours and pray for you each day.  We love you big guy!!!  Happy 5th Birthday!

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