Thursday, May 2, 2013


Are you kidding me?! (big surprise that's my first reaction)  A graduation ALREADY?  Slow your ropes!  I have had A LOT of first with my big fella lately, and it's just really getting to me.  I'm not handling this getting big thing well at all.  (again big surprise)  But this event was a very sweet one.  This year we didn't put Lyndon in the school system, every day, pre-k.  He only went twice a week at a local church's Mother's Day Out.  They had a pre-k graduation today and they did a great job. 

First, in walks all the little graduates in their silly little hats.  They then handed them to the teachers for the rest of the program.  So smart on their part.  Don't you know those hats would have been all over the place and in all sorts of conditions by the end. 

he's in the stripes with his face covered up, between the pink and purple girls
They then performed some fun songs for us.  This was Lyndon's second little singing program.  I never blogged about his first one because I only have it recorded on our "real" video camera and for the life of us we can't find the cable to it that will connect it to the computer.  We must find that.  It was cutest thing.  That little crazy and super silly fella never made eye contact with us.  He kept his head to the side and really didn't sing much.  We were totally surprised.  Well...almost the same thing happened here.  He did sing every song and did all the motions, even really big motions too.  He kept himself basically turned from us and never really looked forward.  It's so surprising.  His teacher later told me she was so surprised too.  She said she purposely put him dead center because of how he had been practicing, big and fun.  Silly boy!!  But it was still so precious to see.


Next was the official handing of the diploma, hat and all.

They then took us to their class and had refreshments with us, got their presents from their teachers and gave us momma's our mother's day presents too.  The teachers gave them little autograph graduate dogs for all their classmates to sign.  The gifts for us are nothing less than treasures.  A hand print stone/concrete thing, a mug with his hand print on it, a tear jerking poem with his hand print and my favorite was a picture collage holding the words L-O-V-E.  They so sweetly included Denton in it as well.  LOVE it all!!!
 It was lots of fun seeing him interact with his friends that he truly has loved this year.  Actually two of the boys that's apart of their foursome were in his class last year.  Sadly, as far as we know none will be going to his same elementary next year.  Must get parents numbers for play dates!!!
Yes it's safe to say I can't believe how big my little guy is getting.  But it's even more true that he is more and more fun each year.

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Melodie said...

this may be the first pre-k graduation i have ever heard of! very cute! he's getting so big!