Friday, May 3, 2013


As mentioned in the last post I've had a lot (3 is a lot for me) of firsts with my big fella lately. I've done a lot of first with other kiddos in my life: nieces and nephews.  It's so weird that this is with MY child!

The first first was t-ball practice.  Sadly I missed the first one.  The first first practice was cancelled due to rain.  I was then out of town for the second one.  Daddy did a great job documenting it for me.  Again most on the "real" video camera, where is that cord.  But I did get to document the second practice.  This is going to be lots of fun!!

Our second first, I still am in total disbelief and have a lump in my throat, on this one.  I enrolled my first child in Kindergarten!!  What on earth, already, mine?  The only thing good about this, that's dramatic but oh well, is that he's excited to go!!!  That sure helps me out.

I know I know, there's only many many more firsts to come.  It is an exciting time I do admit.  Just hard to believe!

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