Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That's snow fun!!

We actually got some snow!!  Enough snow to play in!!  Also, enough snow to build a snowman at that!!!  I have to confess something.  I have LOVED, ok maybe not LOVED, but I can't complain about winter this year.  I tell ya, we've had a lot of 60 degree days here.  Man even some of the sunny 50 degree days we have loved.  I love that kind of winter.  But I must say this snow day was beautiful and lots of fun to play in.  It wasn't a windy snowy day, so it was perfect. It was on one of Lyndon's school days and once it really started falling in the morning I considered getting him out of school to come home and play.  But I decided we'd have plenty of time in the afternoon and that way Denton and I could enjoy our time too. 

Denton and I went out late morning.  This wasn't his first time to see snow but really his first to see and know what it is and to be able to play in it.  So technically it was really his first.  He was stunned by it and seemed to not really know what to do.

I think his favorite part was swinging in the snow

The next half of the snow day was spent with big brother.  I met him at the door, after school, with my snow gear on ready to play and build a snowman.  We had alot of fun.

I would like to introduce you to Froze!!

In reality this was Lyndon's view minutes before the above picture:
he decided he needed a snack and I could finish making Froze

It was a great day and always making great memories that I hope never leaves me.

I also have to show you my very own DIY snow boots:
when momma doesn't have snow boots and momma hates cold, wet feet...
you rubber band walmart sacks to your feet

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Melodie said...

ha. love those snow boots! wal mart sacks are so multi-functional, right? ;)