Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lyndon's Rules

Is this so incredibly AWESOME or what?!?!  The student ministers at our church so kindly asked Lyndon to be in the "rules" video for Big Weekend, aka DNow.  I told them of course but I couldn't promise anything or guarantee that he'd do it.  I didn't tell Lyndon what we were doing, only that the guys wanted him to come hang out at the Cube (our rec building) and they had a project that wanted his help with.  He had 21 questions for me.  I bribed him with a chocolate milk shake.  We got there and he was real timid.  But the fellas were awesome and took him to play basketball first, that was the kicker.  I hung out in the lobby and let them do their thing.  And this was the final product.  I love it and am so proud of Lyndon.  He loves "his movie" as much as his momma and daddy too!!!  I hope you enjoyed it too!!!


Melodie said...


Judy Webb said...

There is so much talent and joyous sense of humor in our church family..particularly from that Behymer bunch..thanks for making me smile!

Jessica McKune said...

Very very cute!!!!