Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thanksgiving fun

I've mentioned before that on Thanksgiving our family has chosen to adopt our Nicu at Integris Baptist Medical Center and this year was no different.  It truly means the world to us all they did to help our family be what it is today.  We love getting to love on nurses and doctors even if they weren't "ours", especially since they're working on such a great holiday.
We love it when we do get to see those that did care for our boys.  Both of these nurses had both of our boys.  Special, I can't even express it.  We even got to hug our favorite Dr. Cho just as we were leaving.

We then got to spend the rest of the day with all of the Behymer's.  It was the most beautiful fall, Thanksgiving day outside.  The kids played outside literally ALL day.  The best fun was playing in the leaves.

Where's Waldo aka Lyndon on the right and Brier on the left
first play in the leaves for Denton

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Sight Restored said...

Y'all are so precious! I just think your family is beautiful! Don't you think it's time for one more little one?!? :)