Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's not likely that anyone is still following this lame excuse of a blog, but like I've said before it will be my memory book someday. So here's to a major catch up.

Halloween was loads of fun this year. Lyndon wanted to be Batman so what/who else would my Denton be but Robin. I am LOVING coordinating and taking advantage while I can. We had a number of opportunities to dress up and we enjoyed them all. So Happy Halloween from the Super hero Behymer's (very late but oh well!!! )

it's always more fun trick or treating with friends
Halloween would not be complete without a stop at MY parent's house.  Trust me, my dad (scary mask man) does NOT scare little ones.  Only the older kids who still come out to trick or treat.  And Denton isn't scared, just how the pic was snapped.

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