Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Denton turns around

The new suggested, not law, age for turning your kiddos facing forward in the car is 2.  My fellas tend to be on the petite side in the first couple years.  So I've left Denton facing backwards....Until now!!  He really began babbling in November (yes that's how far behind I am) at 21 months.  I wanted to be able to babble with him face to face, or I guess whatever you want to call it while I'm driving.  So around he went.

It's so exciting he can hardly take it all in!!  LOL.  When he rides in daddy's car he's already been facing forward so it wasn't so much a new thing.  But I really thought it would be more exciting than it was since my car sits higher and he can see more.  OH WELL!!
Just one step closer to getting bigger....sigh

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Sight Restored said...

Mommy needs another baby. ;)