Sunday, November 4, 2012

Very first field trip

Tell me it ain't so.  Tell me my son is NOT old enough to go on field trips.  Welp I guess he is since he and I both just went on one.  I first have to say how thankful I am for my husband to have a job where I can stay home with my boys and also to have the opportunity to go on field trips like this.  I know it's a privilege and I don't take it likely.  It did wonders for my heart to experience this with Lyndon.  His very first field trip was to the Pumpkin Patch, Chester's Pumpkin Patch at that.  We didn't care that we'd already been there this year.  It's that much fun and a different experience with other friends. 
I was given the option to drive my own vehicle or to ride on the van, and Lyndon had the same option.  I asked Lyndon where he wanted to ride and he chose the van with his friends.  Honestly I'm glad he did.  To me that says a lot about the friendships he making at school (even if it is only 2 days a week).  So I then asked him if he wanted me to drive my car or ride on the van with him and his friends...he chose me riding with him...SCORE!!!!  Yea momma!!  I truly was glad.  I wanted to see him interact with kiddos that we don't see otherwise.  It was so much fun. 
Then it was a full day at the patch. 

I love Lyndon's hair here
all of the kiddos were VERY good
I tell ya, he even let me ride the slide with him

his best buds at school
for memory sake (Hudson, L, Kage, Trey & Jake)
Thank you Mrs. Amber and Mrs. Erica
It's still so hard to believe.  Time is going by so fast. But if he hadn't gotten bigger then we wouldn't have made these memories.  I'm proud of the big boy your growing into Lyndon.

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