Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin Patch #2

Downtown OKC had a new pumpkin patch by the Myriad Gardens called Pumpkinville.  The boys and I joined some friends to try it out.  It was so cute and fun.  It was also a little different than the typical pumpkin patches since it was in the middle of downtown.  But we'll definitely be going again next year.  Especially since we went twice in one day this year.  The reason we went twice was because we got rained out with our friends.  We were able to enjoy some parts of it before the down pour hit!

Denton was working hard

they got to decorate cookies

they made crafts: a pipe cleaner spider and decorated a bag
then the rain came...
 The nice thing was our ticket was good for all day...So we talked daddy into a picnic supper downtown and an evening BACK at pumpkinville.

crazy, fun, modern slide

Lyndon even got to make apple cider

decorated a pumpkin

got to decorate (and of course eat) another cookie)

Denton was excited to make his little spider
Thank you downtown OKC for a really fun day.  We love Pumpkinville!

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