Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall lake trip

I love going to the lake.  Of course I do, I love summer time!  But I've never been to the lake during the fall.  My brother and sister in law (Jeffery's brother) invited our family and my in-laws to go with them over fall break.  Let me just tell ya, I left that weekend saying we should do something like that every year during the fall.  I loved it!  Lyndon really hasn't been to a place so outdoorsy that he could just run, play and get dirty.  We had loads of fun with the family.

The first night involved a silly string fight!!!  Most of the kiddos (and big kids at heart) really enjoyed it!!

Look at the faces on those boys!

Another thing that made this trip heaven for Lyndon was the nightly UNO games, played outside!

If asked what all we did I couldn't tell many specifics.  But that's what made it fun.  It involved a lot of hikes, throwing rocks and exploring.  It was a beautiful place.

Leave it to my son to be one and only to almost fall in

I mean really, look at these two!

We spent lots of time around the camp fire.

This little one really really wanted to get out and explore just as much as the others. It was just more difficult on the uneven terrain.

We were so glad to have made this trip.  Like I said we want to make it a fall habit to get out in nature like this.

And I must add, for memory sake, ALL 11 of us made it home alive even if a golf cart and zip line accidents tried to take some of us out!!!

Thank you Jonathan and Sommer for a weekend of memories!

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