Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lyndon's fancy date

We like dates around here.  Momma and daddy dates, ice cream dates, donut dates, cupcake dates, etc etc etc.  One Friday morning Lyndon's Pope' (Jeffery's dad) wanted to take Lyndon on a cinnamon roll date.  He knew of a donut shop that had huge cinnamon rolls that he loves.  Of course Lyndon was thrilled and super excited.  It wasn't just the the special time with Pope' or the cinnamon roll he was super excited about.  It was also the mode of transportation they would be taking that morning that had him excited as well.

This was his first time to get a true ride in Pope's convertible, not counting a ride or two around the block.  I have to admit I'd be excited going on a date in that ride!!

Thanks Pope' for a fun date, and for eating 2 huge cinnamon rolls with Lyndon.

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