Sunday, September 16, 2012

School daze school daze

It's that time of year again.  Just think, we will be having the first day of school for a number of years to come.  I'm still just so shocked that I have a kiddo old enough for school.  CRAZY.  Lyndon started pre-k this year.  Where we live most 4 year olds are in the public school system for pre-k.  Some districts it's all day every day and some, like where we live, it's half day every day.  But it's not state mandatory yet.  WOO HOO!!!  This momma was not ready to send her little guy off to school every day.  We are public schoolers in our house hold but not this year for pre-k.  We decided to keep Lyndon at the same Mother's Day Out he attended last year, with this year being pre-k at MDO.  The highlight it's only two days a week.  Yes it's most of the day from 9-2:30.  But I still get 3 full days with him.  And it's a good transition into all day every day kindergarten that he'll be in next year.
Lyndon was ready and very excited for school to start this year.  I hope it's that way always, it makes it easier on the momma. 

I prepared his special 1st day of school lunch the night before.

At the meet the teacher open house we left with some homework.  We had to fill out get to know you forms and fill his brown paper sack with 5 of his favorite things.

What would a first day of school be without a special donut and chocolate milk breakfast.

And off we went!

He has had a great time.  They're doing theme weeks and will go on field trips.  I'm thankful for my special time with Denton, so glad Lyndon loves to go and that he's only there for 2 days this year.

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