Monday, September 24, 2012

Denton's 1st haircut at 18 mths

The time had finally come for Denton to get his first hair cut. It wasn't that his hair was getting real long, it was the rats nest that needed some attention. It's pretty clear with how we keep Lyndon's hair that we're not opposed to long hair. But the rats nest I tell ya. Sweet lil brother's hair may end up being more like his momma's texture than his brother's. Lyndon's is pretty thick, not so fine and has some wave or curl to it (like his daddy). Denton's seems to be thinner and finer. Anytime you get him out of bed or out of his car seat is when the rats nest would appear, right in the center back. Even once you comb through it it would be a fuzzy mess. Just like his momma's did, so I hear. Although, Lyndon's did do the same at this age. So who knows how Denton's will turn out. No matter what it was time to get a nice little trim through the back.

He, to no surprise, didn't keep his head but he really was not a fan of daddy holding his head. I think at one point Uncle Steve (Jeffery's uncle) was truly afraid he'd poke him or cut him.

We're not sure how much was actually cut. It didn't totally eliminate the rats best but it did make it much better.

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