Friday, September 14, 2012

365 days of patching

I must admit the above title is not 100% true.  Our little Denton actually had about a month post surgery with no patching.  But still.  It's hard to believe we've been dealing with his little eye for over a year now.  Our first appt was on Aug. 19, 2011 and the second appt with our now doctor was the next day on Aug. 20, 2012 and he wore his first patch.  I will forever be able to remember these dates since Aug. 20 is my birthday!!!

Here's our little guy leaving with his very first patch.  (6 mths old)

1 year later, he's getting so big, such a sweet boy!! (he was about to go to bed so without a patch)

So, if asked what I would say about our first year of dealing with an infant congenital cataract and patching:
* First and foremost I would say how grateful I am how God made our bodies.  Due to little guy having the cataract and his brain not being able to see well through it his eye began to wander out.  And that my friends is how we caught it.  If it weren't for the wondering eye he would've lost his vision completely in that eye.
*Second, PATCHING is for the birds.  Teasing teasing.  I know it's so vital for his vision.  Due to his age at the time of the cataract and still to this day it's his brain development we're working on.  So yes yes I know I know how important that is.  It's a good thing it's that important.  If it weren't it would be so easy to give up on it.  But we all keep fighting the good fight.  And I mean all of us.  Even as I get frustrated when he rips it off every second I have to remind myself how uncomfortable it is for him.  Sweet Lyndon, big brother, has been a champ too.  He does his best to encourage Denton to keep his "gear" on and tells him to "hand brother your gear" while in the car.  It has definitely taken all of us.  But it's worth it, it's what we have to do...and it could be so much worse.
*Third, it is definitely worth it to try using swim floaties and arm splints to help keep the patch on, longer than .1 seconds.  Yes it's hard on your heart and you feel like you're abusing them.  You have to keep in mind what our doctor told us from the beginning, you can't feel sorry for them, their vision is worth it.
*I have to admit that 8 months into him wearing glasses I still prefer his sweet little non glasses face.  Again, it's all perspective and could be worse, but just being honest. 

To close, I do have to add the praises that Denton's eye has healed well, he can see out of that eye and in all reality he is doing great.
When all else fails wear your patch, your specs and another fun pair!!!

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