Monday, July 23, 2012

I did it, I did it, I really really did it

Are you curious, are you curious?  Are you wondering what on earth I did? Well, I took 3, non official swimming boys to a public pool by myself!! And we all survived, made it home alive and had a Blast!!  YEA!!  It was my two boys and another 4 year old boy.  I knew this pool had a real shallow area and hoped that we could stay there and the big boys could have fun and I could still hold on to Denton.  It worked great.  The big boys loved going up and down the stairs getting in and out.  But their favorite part they spent the most time doing was jumping off the sides into the pool.  It was a great time.  Is it bad that I walked away rather proud of myself?  Well I did.  Yea for being brave.  We love summer time!!! 

As expected I had my hands a little full so I didn't get pictures while we were literally at the pool.  But I did get to capture the excitement from these big boys!!

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The Bynums said...

You are one brave mama, and a mega-sweet friend! Parker had a blast :) Thanks for giving him extra fun that day!!