Friday, July 27, 2012

Eye update

It's been awhile since I've blogged about Denton's eye.  Well, let's see where to start....HE HATES THE PATCH!!!  The bright side is he does really well with his glasses alone.
 I think it's funny I just typed "really" well because we nearly lost them last week. One morning last week the boys and I decided to go on a walk to a near by green belt area by our house.  Lyndon rode his 4 wheeler and Denton was in the stroller.  Ever since he started walking he will not sit in the wagon so he has to be strapped in the stroller.  Any who, it was a good morning.  Lyndon was riding on the path while Denton and I were playing in the rocks.  We had to leave pretty abruptly because the 4 wheeler was dying.  Which actually ended up completely dying an entire block away.  So we parked it at a complete strangers house where some young boys were playing outside.  At that point we were going to walk home to go get my car...and that's when I noticed the specs were gone.  DANG IT!!!  I did a quick scan around where we were and I didn't see them.  Just as we were leaving the house I thought about putting his little strap on (a pacifier holder) just in case he tosses them.  Clearly I chose not to. So we get the 4 wheeler and back tracked our walk.  No luck.  I knew they had to be some where.  It was getting hot and Denton was past his nap so I decided to go home, put him down and then we'd go look again after lunch.  Once we were home I called Jeffery and told him the bad news.  Of course he didn't like the news but was grateful we have another pair.  Then, oh about 45 minutes later, Jeffery walks in the door with what in hand?  The SPECS!!!  He saved the day.  I swear we drove/walked our path twice and didn't see them.  He drives it once and comes out the hero.  Which I am fine with.  Phew.  So, back to the statement he does "really" well with his glasses alone.  He really does.  It's the times he's riding (in the car, stroller, wagon, etc) when he decides to toss them. 

Back to the patch.  Not only does he hate it but now my solution of using swim floaties to keep them on no longer works.  We assume his little arms have gotten longer and he now out smarts us and it comes off.  So, it basically sucks and is hard work. 

But as far as his actual eye is concerned we are so thankful that it is doing well.  Granted it would be doing much better if he could tolerate that patch.  But it has healed great.  Every appointment they test him for glaucoma and we've been in the clear on that.  There aren't any symptoms to make us worry about it other than the cataract.  The concern we have is still forcing his brain to use that eye so the brain doesn't stop using it.  Which will in time re-align his eye.

 I know how important it is to patch.  That's why we keep working at it.  It's just hard.

Denton's appointment the time before last I scheduled Lyndon to have his eyes checked for the first time at the next appointment.  I tell ya the night before I allowed worry to really creep in.  We didn't have any concerns about his vision.  We thought since he was 4 and starting pre-k it was a good time to have them checked.  I had Jeffery come with me to this appointment.  Denton was now walking and I wasn't sure how Lyndon would do so I need an extra set of hands.

Not only did he check out with perfect 20/20 vision he also did awesome.  He held the little thingy majig up to his eye and told what pictures he saw on the screen.  Even though he wasn't to thrilled about getting his eyes dilated he still did great.  Truly, we're thanking God for his eye sight.

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