Sunday, June 10, 2012

Way too old already!!

I know you're not surprised by my reaction, but I absolutely can't believe I'm the momma to a 4 year old.  But it's true, it happened and I wasn't able to stop it.  But Lyndon rang in being 4 with lots of fun.
In our house we really want birthdays to be remembered with so many fun memories and that they know they are special.
Every year past we have gone to the zoo on Lyndon's birthday.  This year we had already gone to the zoo a number of times so I didn't feel like it would be anything special for his special day.  I asked him if he wanted to go to the zoo or do something else, and he said something else.  I asked him if he wanted it to be a surprise or if he wanted to talk about the options, and he said he wanted to talk about all the options.  I got to thinking and tried to come up with some really fun options for him.  This is how his day rolled out:

Breakfast for us is usually very boring and mundane.  A waffle or pancake and fruit is the usual.  Up to this point Lyndon wouldn't eat donuts!!  So funny isn't it.  We had missed the window I guess and he wasn't interested.  The same is with hot dogs.  So I wanted breakfast to be different, something oh so special.

I mean really, who doesn't just LOVE McDonald's hash browns!!

We let little brother have his morning nap then it was off to our special lunch date.  Daddy was able to meet us for lunch even with a busy work day.

Pops was his lunch destination choice.  Oddly, the thing he loves most about Pops is that he gets to have... Chocolate Milk!!! 

Back home for a good nap before our night of fun.  I very well may have been more excited for our evening birthday plans than anyone.  We decided to take Lyndon (including Denton too) to Celebration Station for the first time to ride go carts, bumper boats and play putt putt.  It was a wonderful night.

Go carts was a blast.  We hoped he could have driven the little cars by himself but he wasn't tall enough.  Although he "drove" with us he still loved it.  He was turning his steering wheel side to side and grinning the entire time!!

Putt putt was a huge hit as well.  I wasn't sure on this one.  I didn't know if it would keep his interest long enough.  He loved it.  Our number loving boy kept track of all of our scores and really enjoyed trying to make it in the hole.

It was an absolutely great day.  I am so very much beyond blessed.  I ended this day with a smile on my face and joy in my heart because of this little boy.  His smile brightens a room.  I am so blessed that God chose me to be his momma. 

Next is the Cars party day...

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Raylee Butler said...

You are a great momma:)