Thursday, June 14, 2012

March for Babies 2012

Our family absolutely loves the first Saturday in May.  That's the day we celebrate our two, sweet boys and March for Babies with the March of Dimes.  This year was a little different.  Our sweet Lyndon and Jeffery weren't able to come to the walk. This was the morning Lyndon woke up with his staph infection.  It was so sad not having both boys there with me.  I was more than thrilled to be walking with my very healthy one year old Denton.  But wished Lyndon and their daddy were there too.  

This year they did something new. They had a "wall of survivors." They asked parents, that wanted to, to make a poster board with a birth picture and a now picture with the child's weight stats. They had volunteers holding them along the walk path. I enjoyed making a sign for each of my boys. It was emotional once we came to them, especially our Lyndon since he wasn't with us.

 After the walk the sweet girl who was holding Denton's sign found us and asked if she could keep his sign.  Her mom said she was bored and not into the walk until she saw and met Denton.  After that she was real excited to be there and wanted to keep his sign to remember him.  Bless her!!

Lyndon and daddy we missed you, but absolutely you were not forgotten.

We are always so thankful for our family who comes to walk and support our boys. This year our sweet and dear friends, the Bynum's came and walked with us.  It really touched our hearts.  Thank you for coming out.  Without a doubt, we are also so very thankful for our friends who support our walk financially.  Those gifts represent how healthy our two boys are today. We are so grateful.  Thank you March of Dimes for fighting for the little lives who need help to fight to live.

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