Friday, June 15, 2012

Lyndon's Cars Birthday Party

Once I had kiddos I decided as long as my they want me to and I'm able to make their birthday cakes that's what I plan to do. This year Lyndon's request was Mack from the movie Cars.  That made me a little nervous.  I told myself if I can make the firetruck from his 1st birthday surely I can do this.

I must say this was not my best work, my worst yet.  But, all that matters is that Lyndon didn't question that it was Mack and had no complaints, phew.

It's been really nice having a May birthday to plan a party. All 4 birthdays so far we've celebrated at our house in the backyard. This year we decided to spice things up a little. Lyndon has really enjoyed bounce houses lately. So we surprised him the morning of his party when the men showed up to put the bounce house up. He was so excited. He was most excited about the basketball goal on the inside.

I think all of the kiddos had a great time.  They were definitely worn out and sweaty.

Lil brother even got in on the action and LOVED IT!!

Lyndon, momma and daddy truly hope you feel loved, special and celebrated!!  We love you so much.  Now slow down growing up so fast!


Melodie said...

it looks like a fun party. you did a great job. hopefully we can talk next week!

Raylee Butler said...

It was a great party! Lyndon is a special boy with a amazing momma:)