Friday, June 8, 2012

The danger of wearing flip flops

Confession, I really don't believe there's a danger in wearing flip flops. It was an attention getter, except if you're my Lyndon. This years opening to flip flop season landed him with staph infection. The last Saturday in April my whole family spent the entire day at the zoo, then spent the evening down at Thunder Alley (huge block party downtown during a Thunder game). Lyndon's mean ole momma basically forced him to wear flip flops, he would rather wear socks and tennis shoes. To be expected he got blisters, on top, on both sides of one foot. As any good momma would do I didn't make him wear flip flops the next week so they could heal... Until the next Friday. Both boys and I were heading to some garage sales and I told him it was quicker to just throw flip flops on. To my lame defense I did have him put on the wider cloth ones vs. the little plastic rubbery ones he had worn the week before. That evening we went out to eat and he had put socks and tennis shoes on before I knew it, and he couldn't even walk on it by this point. Again, momma of the year winner here, I told him it was because the seam of his shoe was hitting it there, it'll be fine. Geeeez!!

The next morning we went in to wake him it was a huge, gross blister. He told us his forehead and his stomach hurt. He had a fever. And wanted to go back to sleep. We woke him at 12:30, he still didn't eat, and now he was covered in a rash. After a couple calls to some friends in the medical field Jeffery had him at an after hours doctor and we got the scare of a staph infection and the possibility of blood poison (which came back negative). The nurse told Jeffery it was good he came in. Yes, I was feeling very worthy of being a momma. They put him on a strong antibiotic and it started clearing up even by the next day.

So needless to say he hasn't worn flip flops since...until the next foot injury came.

Not only did his flip flops cause blisters and give him staph infection, he also stumped his big toe on the other foot really bad. We had some friends over one day and as usual the kids were in and out of the back door. Little side note, poor Lyndon seems to have his momma's extreme graceful gene (graceful = sarcasm). There was one time when he was pulling the door closed and bam his foot wasn't out of the way. The tears came along with the blood. I went and picked him up thinking he must have stumped it and he needed some momma love. Once I got him to the bathroom I quickly noticed I was wrong. Fortunately for you I don't have pictures, because I sure would be showing you. The door not only ran over his big toe, it caught the toenail and completely folded it backwards more than half way down. Lovely huh! I just want you to experience it, lol. It was really gross. I didn't know what to do. Between the other moms and I we got him called down and Tylenol. One of the momma's is an occupational therapist. In that moment she was full blown nurse/doctor to me. I was afraid I was going to have to take him to his pediatrician, an access medical play or something to cut it off. Also, remember less than a month before he had staph infection. I had been trying to call my dad and finally got a hold of him and he came over. Good ole Pawpaw was very sneaky and quickly got the nail folded back down. OUCH and GROSS again right! But that really helped relieve the painful pressure. So we weren't off to the doctor because by chance we were already going the next day for well child check ups. We soaked it that night and kept a bandaid on it so the nail wouldn't catch on anything. The pediatrician said just watch it for infection and that he most likely will loose the entire nail. Well, I can now happily report the nail magically reattached and it just like new!!! YEA!!! Ok ok, I know this has been way to much information about feet. I do apologize. Hopefully there will be no more to come...there are no guarantees though.

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