Friday, April 20, 2012

Lyndon lines

One afternoon on the drive home from school, also a day that Lyndon had to sit in timeout at school, we were talking about his choices to disobey. "But momma we all sin because we're all sinners because of Adam and Eve."


Sight Restored said...

Oh my word at the cuteness (and truth) of that statement!!! Love it! I can't wait to read around your blog a little. Sorry I'm just now getting back to you. Grant had tubes last week, and a few days later ended up with hand foot mouth! We're still battling that one. Was your little one born with cataracts? It's a little different with cataract babies. Because they don't have lenses, they can't see without their glasses, so if they peak around the patches, it isn't that big of a deal. They can't see. With that being said, I don't know how they would be able to see around them because the felt comes up over and under the glasses. We actually had to cut ours a little. And it doesn't move once it's on there. We've really had a good experience with them. I want to avoid the adhesive at all costs. It just looks painful. :( But I do understand that some don't have a choice, and we will all do whatever is necessary for these babies' sight. I hope this has helped some. The only problem we have had with it, is I don't know how long it will last bc Grant chews on his glasses which is kind of making it gross. :) Feel free to email me any time.

Mark and Cari said...

Hi! I'm Cari and I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner. We are in the process of moving to Central Oklahoma.