Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls...

The circus came to town. Last February I had seen advertisements that the circus would be coming in March. I thought oh perfect that will be something really fun we can do with Lyndon before baby brother comes. WELL as we know that didn't get to happen. But this year it did and I think he was able to enjoy it more being a year older...I keep telling myself that to make me feel better about not getting to take him last year.
It was a lot of fun. Weird, when it was starting I could have had a tear in my taking it all in that I was there with my own little one. Sweet times. We got to see tigers and their wild and crazy trainer, trapeze people, fun stunt dog, really cute stunt monkeys, of course the favorite elephants and Lyndon's favorite was the ball/cage thing that the motorcycles rode in. His nanny and pawpaw sent him with some money and he bought a noisy, light up gun, got two tattoos and he got to ride the train. It interesting how kids can think they're afraid of clowns even when they've never seen one. So we had been talking about how clowns are only people in fun clothes and makeup. I'm proud to announce that Lyndon talked wasn't afraid of the clowns, spoke to the clowns and even let us 3 take a picture with a clown.
All in all it was a great special date day with our big boy Lyndon. I personally really love the circus myself. Great memories.


Melodie said...

what a fun time! just jeremy and i went to the circus in the spring before Holden came. now we should definitely take the boys!

Terri F. said...

I wish we could have made it to the circus. It looked like it was fun. I think I was working.

Thank you for adding my link to your page.

I was looking for a way to follow yours but I didn't see anything.

Many Blessings,