Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lyndon's 1st ER visit

I must say, being 3 1/2 + years old when you first go to the ER, especially for a little boy, is pretty impressive. Lyndon has had one after hours clinic visit. It was the summer of 2010. We were days from leaving on vacation and he was sick. Then this past December we took Denton in, only because it was a Sunday and our pediatrician was closed. But this was our very first accident ER visit.
It was a very typical Sunday morning. We were behind getting to church, as usual. But we were all in our classes with our learning ears and hearts on, then all of a sudden Jeffery and I get pulled out of our class. Lyndon had fallen and busted his chin and they were pretty sure he needed to go get stitches. What we can gather from Lyndon is that he was pushing a truck on the tile floor and ran into the rubber strip that separate the tile and carpet. Then Newton's Law took place, the truck stopped moving and his moment didn't and down he went. Bless his heart. He was/is a strong little guy. I just held him and let his daddy look at it and we got details of where we needed to take him. We made arrangements for my mother in law to pick Denton up after church and off we went.

OKC and a family pediatrician friend of ours has their very first pediatric after hours clinic. The ladies at church suggested that we go there, as long as they do lacerations. We get there and every kid in OKC was there. Some with a trash can throwing up and the rest were coughing. We checked in, asked if they did lacerations and informed them we'd be waiting out in the foyer. An hour later they call us back only to have 2 doctors look at his chin and tell us they'd rather not do it since it's his face and sent us to one of the er's. Frustrating at first because of the wait but we understood and appreciated it in the long run. Fortunately the wait wasn't long at the hospital. The whole time Lyndon was a strong and brave little guy. He wouldn't cry, except when a doctor/nurse looked at his chin or we talked about it to someone then he'd get a little upset.

Once the er nurse got it cleaned up the doctor decided as long as Lyndon wouldn't pick at it he would glue it closed to save him the trauma of stitches. YES PLEASE and THANK YOU!!! And that's what happened.

All in all not a bad first ER experience. I don't want them to get any worse, IF we have to have more. And now, he's got a pretty pink scar to show for it!!!

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Melodie said...

looks like a brave little boy. :)