Saturday, February 25, 2012

Is he really 1 already?!?

I can not even believe it, my precious Denton is 1 now. I think I also can't believe that I have a second child who is 1 now. Cra-zy!

We had a really neat day on Denton's actual birthday, Thursday February 23. We normally have bible study on Thursdays but we chose not to go and do some other things instead. Our first item on our agenda was the March of Dimes March for Babies kick off luncheon. Interesting, Lyndon and I were rsvp'd to attend last year. It was on Thursday February 24, for obvious reasons with the initials DKB we didn't make it. It was a sweet, emotional and encouraging way to spend some of his birthday. We are looking forward to fundraising and walking in honor of my sweet boys on May 5. The next item was going to visit my OB Dr. Huff. I absolutely can't go through their birthdays without thinking of her. With her trust and lead from the Lord she kept both of my boys safe in my tummy and brought into this world safely. It worked out that we actually got to be at her office around the time Denton was born 1 year before. AHHH the emotion. She is one amazing doctor. It's always such a pleasure to see her.

After seeing Dr. Huff we headed downstairs to hopefully get to see our 2 favorite nurses. First is Whitney. When I got put on bed rest with Lyndon I stayed at Lakeside for 5 days. She was my night nurse. Precious is beyond words. A wonderful and beautiful Christian girl. Then she actually was my discharge nurse the morning after Denton was born. Also, we really hoped we get to see our nurse Regina. There are no words for my appreciation and the debt I owe Regina. Here's just a small timeline reminder: Jeffery and I arrived at Lakeside hospital at 4 am and the nurse nearly sent me home thinking I was dehydrated even after telling her the monitor wasn't in the right place; 7 am shift change, Praise God in walks little, tiny Regina who Jeffery knew from high school, she moved the monitors and low and behold there are my contractions about 7-9 minutes apart; 11 am in walks Regina with a very noticeably different look on her face and emotion about her, Regina tells me I can't get out of bed, I'm dilated to a 5 and have no cervix; 1:32 pm by miracle baby was born. I still get sick to my stomach thinking what if we would have been sent home. But again, God is sovereign and kept his hand on us, in the earthly form of Regina. It was our lucky day, they were both working. I love them both so much. It was a special time for us to be able to hug them and say thank you and let them see our boys.

Next, we went home for naps. I decided although it wasn't "my" birthday I wasn't cooker supper and we were going out. My choice, Chili's. After dinner Jeffery had a meeting he couldn't miss. So the boys and I headed up to Baptist hospital to see our nurses and doctors. Like Thanksgiving, how will I ever come to a birthday of either of my boys and not be so thankful for that place. Hopefully I never get to that point. We got to love on a few nurses, even ones that didn't know us. We really want them to see the product of their very hard work and lots of love. It's always a sweet and tender time there for me.

That's how sweet Denton spent his first day as a 1 year old. His big party day isn't until Saturday.

Denton Klaye, although it wasn't how we planned it or even wanted it to happen, we are beyond happy, thrilled and very blessed you were born.

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