Friday, February 3, 2012

Choosing glasses

I've had a number of instances, since finding out I'd be a momma, that I never would have guessed I'd have. One of them being choosing glasses for my infant.

Jeffery and I talked about this decision a lot before the time came to make the choice. As you might guess there aren't a tons of options out there in the size we need. Yet we felt like there was one big decision to make: wire frames or the other. As we did our research on infant cataract and surgery we also researched the few options of glasses. It didn't take long for us to discover that most his size were wearing a specific style that resembles swimming goggles. The brand/make whatever you want to call it is miraflex. The reasons most choose these are: they have no springs or screws (which are a choking hazard for a little one his age who puts everything in his mouth), they're made from some sort of material that can be bent and twisted and they fit/adjust easier to their little faces. We took everyone of those reasons into consideration but we just did not want that bold of a change on him. I even read one blog that suggested to not be afraid of going bold with the choice of color. We just weren't there. I wanted to do everything possible to keep his same look. The thing that kept crossing my mind was how different older children (teens,etc) and adults look when they get contacts or lasik surgery. Which means Denton would look so much different getting his glasses. Jeffery agreed. So that's why we kept leaning towards the wire frames. With all of that being said I did have a concern with them. At the time of choosing and getting his specs he was just learning to sit up and would still face plant. That was my concern. I would play certain scenarios in my mind of him falling from sitting up, rolling over, crawling and eventually walking and his little face and eyes getting bruised, scratched or cut. That was enough reason for me to be open to the miraflex frames. We talked it over with our friend who works at our optical shop. She assured us that he will fall and have bumps and bruises no matter the frames. With that being said and a little more talking it over between us we went with the wire frames. As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm still adjusting to his little face wearing glasses, period. But I feel confident in our choice, for our little guy, at this point to not be in the bolder frames.

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Krista said...

Dasha - I love the wire frames on him! Great choice, in my opinion!