Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Arg, a party for a pirate

It's no surprise to those closest to me that I will, let's be honest do, struggle with "even steven" with my boys. With that being said I assumed I would give Denton a firetruck 1st birthday like I gave Lyndon. (the nursery has been the same for both and it's decorated in firetrucks). As Denton's eye trouble entered our world I started following blogs of mom's with kiddos that had cataracts. I came across one where the mom and dad had a fascination with pirates before they had children and now they have one that has to wear a patch. With their love for pirate's they had a pirate birthday party for their little guy. I saw it and immediately threw my "even steven" self out the window and LOVED the idea. The planning began for Denton's 1st birthday pirate party, we're choosing the celebrate the patch.

I said just before Lyndon's first birthday that I wanted to try to make my kiddos birthday cakes for as long as they want me to. Thus far I have been able to do just that. It was a lot of fun looking for items for the birthday party. I really didn't want to use anything with the bone and skulls on it. Just not my taste or preference. Let me tell, those things are ALL over the pirate themes. I was all but forced to have to have it on somethings. Fortunately somethings weren't as scary looking as other things.

First I came across the cake I wanted to make. I have to say I am pretty proud of my pirate guy.

Lyndon had fun with the pirate and patch.

Denton is loved by friends and family and they showed that love on his birthday. I'm still in shock and aw that he's 1 already. But goodness am I so thankful for this little guys life.

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