Thursday, January 5, 2012


I know I know, it's only January 5 of flippin 2012 and this is a post of my Thanksgiving 2011...

Any who. We had a great Thanksgiving. Get this, I cooked again. Very scary thought I know. AND I did the turkey. Ok I have to clarify, it's was only 6 adults and my 2 little guys who I was cooking for...and I only cooked turkey breasts...but still I did it. And I'm told it all turned out good. Everyone ate, no one got sick and I didn't burn the house down. Success in my books.

But before our Thanksgiving feast we got to fulfill our Thanksgiving tradition of adopting the Nicu nurses. As I've mentioned the past 3 Thanksgivings that I can't go through the day/season without being so incredibly thankful for them. Without a doubt this year was even more so. They play such a huge role in what my family looks like. They have cared for my two tiny babies. The very very least we can do is bake some goodies for them, visit them and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. Still seems like it's nothing compared. I was a little nervous. I just don't like when my emotions get out of control. But I did good. It was good emotion, well under control. Due to it being Thanksgiving and not a large number of babies it was a very small crew. But we were so grateful to get to see and hug and love on the ones we did.

The two ladies on the outsides took care of both of our boys. The one on the left gave us our tour of the Nicu when I was on bedrest with Lyndon and she was at Denton's birth. Special, very special.
I have so much to be Thankful for...more than I deserve.

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