Tuesday, January 31, 2012

surviving or not surviving the specs and patch

How's Denton doing 3 weeks into (he's now 11 months old) wearing his specs and patching 1/2 of his awake time each day (approx 4-5 hrs) some may be wondering...

We are surviving!!! I have to be honest it's not too terrible, all the time, lol. Specs (glasses) alone he does VERY well. I have personally been pleasantly and very surprised how well he does with the glasses alone. Key word is alone. He will go long periods of time without touching. Even up to an hour + without taking off at times. Since getting his specs he's started crawling. He's even doing very good keeping them on while crawling around, playing and exploring new things...As long as the patch isn't on. Once we get the patch on is when it gets rough and tough. Yes, there are some really good moments. Boy have him distracted with toys that make noise or people playing with him he does better. No lie, we truly think he knows and watches for when we aren't watching him and aren't in arms reach of him (although even when we're in arms reach he still gets it off) and off they go.

Two of the hardest times to keep the patch and glasses on are:
1. in the car. I think he's about at 98% of the time they come off before I even get over to Lyndon's side of the car. Nearly immediately they come off (along with his socks too)!!! So we just keep trying. I honestly don't know how that habit will be broken, but we just keep trying. We have to quickly get the patch out of his hand because one time I heard him in the backseat choking, on the patch. GEEZZ!!!
2. in his highchair, both with us close by and further away. Many times in the morning I will have both boys at the table eating while I'm either getting me something to eat, washing fruit or unloading the dishwasher. There are some mornings, just at breakfast time, we can go through 3 patches. I'm learned how to make mad dashes across the room.

But he is doing better. And we've been convinced and are believers in the reason for patching. His little brain has to be retrained to use that eye. One way this whole glasses and patching a baby has been made easier is by the help of a WONDERFUL 3 year old big brother. I tell ya, Lyndon is on the ball. "No baby no baby; no buddy; but you need these to help you see; no no no; momma's he's got his patch in his mouth (while in the car)" are just a few phrases I often hear the times I do leave his side.

So we pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and keep on.

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