Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesus

The past two years we made a tradition of having friends over to have a birthday party Jesus. Of course I wanted to do the same this year, even if it were a busy time due to Denton's eye surgery. Surgery was on December 16 and we had the birthday party of the 19th. Even with a smaller group, it was still a lot of fun and as always memories were made. I want it to be something we don't pass up on any year. Just as with our own kiddos, no matter how busy we may be, we will always have a birthday party for them. So I wanted to be sure and show Lyndon, whether or not he caught on to that part of it, how important it is to celebrate Jesus too.
big helper making the cupcakesdaddy even got in on the decorating action

I think Lyndon did a fine job decorating!!
Our crazy bunch!!! It's a blessing to get to have a birthday party for our Lord Jesus Christ!!

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