Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A first for Lyndon

He wrote his whole name, all by himself and I wasn't even in the room. We've worked on most letters of his name here and there before. I've known he could write his L, Y and O's.
One morning we'd gone to Braum's for a few things (side note: I love their grocery department. The times when I need just a few things and would rather not unload us all and march around a big grocery store. Braum's makes it an easier quick). Some time back, like a year or two, Lyndon noticed the large Braum's trucks they have for sale. Most times when we're in there he asks for it and we tell him no, maybe some other time. It's a $35 truck. This time he asked if he could write Santa a letter and ask him for it. "Of course you can." Once home I get the paper and crayons out and then leave the room to go do something with Denton. And this masterpiece is what I came back to. The first time for him to write his entire name and all by himself. I was so proud. Shhh don't tell, he thinks that "letter" went to Santa. Little does he know that treasure is tucked away for his momma to keep for ever and ever!!!

Way to go Lyndon!!!

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