Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Denton gets his specs

Denton's cataract surgery was on December 16, then at his 1 week post op appointment the doctor prescribed his prescription (+7 in his right eye and plano (nothing) in his left) for his lenses and we ordered his frames. The Behymer's, and now I, have a family friend who works at the optical store located at our eye doctor. I tell ya she's been a jewel working with us. It was comforting having someone help us who I could be real and honest with my emotions and still know and trust she was being honest and understanding with us too.
Thank you Mrs. Janie!!
I had misunderstood the doctor and I thought we would be walking away that day with his glasses, but it would take a week to get the lenses in. Just another little extended bump for this momma's emotions regarding the glasses. But what this did give us was another week of no patching (sings praises!!) and also no difficult times with new glasses while on vacation in Colorado. Then January 2 came and there was no more avoiding it, we had to get them.
It really was a sweet moment when we first put them on and he just kept looking at himself in the mirror and patting on the table. It was truly the first time for him to see clearly and well in his 10 months of life. Which still breaks my heart.

He was fine in them for a few minutes, but then it didn't take long for him to realize there was something on his face and he wanted it off. But little did he know that wasn't it...then we tried the patch on with the glasses....no fun for any of us. But just as our doctor and our friend told us it will take plenty of time and patience for him to get used to them. This was not an unusual reaction.

Due to having the appt around the time of his morning nap he missed it, in return he slept most of the afternoon. So we didn't have much experience with the new specs and patch UNTIL it was time for me to cook supper. I thought life as I knew it had come to an end. I thought this will never work. I tried every trick I knew, except carrying him since I was cooking. I put every toy possible in front of him. And I really can't blame him, how weird and uncomfortable and new that had to be for him.

Look closely at this picture. I guess I thought he was going to keep it on and just play so why not take a picture...WRONG...can you see him ripping them off

Here he is, our sweet, precious, beautiful, blue eyed little guy in his new specs(we call them specs at home so when others out in public call them glasses he doesn't relate that word to his specs and hopefully won't pull them off). Without a doubt, even with premature birth, cataract surgery and now specs he is absolutely fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14) and All good and perfect gifts are from the Lord above (James 1:17).

More stories and info about our journey in the specs and patching to come...

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