Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brandon's Christmas

Just before Christmas, Jeffery and I had talked about selecting a child to help make their Christmas more special. I called our church and they said the next Sunday they were announcing a way to help. Our church partnered with the Oklahoma foster system and allowed church members adopt a child. I sent the email and signed us up during the church service...thank you smart phones. I requested a 3-4 real old boy if it were possible. When we had previously talked about a child we hoped to be able to get to a little guy around Lyndon's age and so we could really involve Lyndon with the shopping, etc. We then received Brandon's Christmas list, a 4 year old boy. He requested a toy gun, a badge and a cowboy hat, along with the request of a new bike. Perfect!! Before we actually went shopping for Brandon it was a really neat experience being able to talk and pray with Lyndon about Brandon. It was heartbreaking yet rejoicing too explaining to a 3 year old the circumstances Brandon had. Gosh just more and more reason to be thankful for your life and to think twice about the choices you make.
I have to say Lyndon was a champ while shopping and the point of dropping the bike off at church. I wasn't sure how he'd react at the last minute, if he'd really really want the bike and have a hard time dropping it off. He made us proud.

Fun times choosing the bike!
Letting Brandon know he's thought about, prayed for, loved and wishing him a Merry Christmas
What 3 year old wouldn't love riding a bike into church
Dropping it off with a smile

We still pray for Brandon. Thank you Council Road for giving us the opportunity to love on another child of yours.

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