Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the Things of Halloween...

We had a great Halloween season this year. I tell ya I try to soak up every opportunity I can to wear the costume and go have some fun. I'm even that girl who will go to a church's fall festival even if it's not my church.
I can't even remember when the thought came to me, but pretty early on of having two little ones I had the thought of having them be Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween. Perfect. Then I had the silliest thought ever that I'd basically make their costumes. Yes I thought just doing a red sweat suit for Lyndon and a solid red sleeper for Denton, throwing on a piece of white felt circle, using a sharpie for the number and I'd have it. Silly me, nothing is that easy, for me any way. I had no luck finding a solid sleeper and a tough time finding a solid sweat suit. So where do you turn for help...EBAY!!! Amongst my search for those items I found a lot of Thing 1-4 sweatshirts (onesie for the little one). HMMMM, I thought no way Jeffery would go for it. As you will see below I was wrong...he was the BEST sport ever...he went ALL out, even wearing the blue wig.

First stop was the Yukon Community Center for their Spooksville event. I had the times all wrong. Before the carnival part opened it was the costume contest. Sure, my little guys are precious I'll enter them. Well since I was in costume as well, the lady who I was signing the boys up with said we should all be in the group category. Sure...why not...And WE WON!!! YEA!!!

The next event is when we crashed the church's fall festival!! It's the church right outside our neighborhood. And it was a lot of fun. Since I had the times wrong for the Yukon Community Center event, after we brought home the gold in the costume contest it was time to go home for naps. So the church carnival was the first carnival. Again, that Jeffery was the best sport. Lyndon was unsure of the games at first, he then got into them and had a lot of fun.

Then Halloween night came!! Boy I was looking forward to this time. 3 years old is just a fun age, and seems like the first age of really getting involved in things. We treated to some homes in our neighborhood, then went and spooked all at my parents neighborhood. LOADS of fun that night!!

Would you believe our fun didn't end on Halloween night?! We have the most generous family in our Sunday School class at church. The past so many years they have hosted the Holy Ghost Weenie Roast. So much fun. So much fun I didn't snap any pics. They bring in moon bounces, smore's, cookout, exotic animals and so much more. It's been lots of fun each year.

I guess it can all be summed up to a great Halloween...even as Things!!

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