Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa day with friends

I am very blessed and fortunate to have made some true friendships from when I worked. Unfortunately my friends and I don't see each other on a daily basis anymore we still have great times together. And now we have kiddos to join in on the fun.

The boys and I met up with our friends Megan and Brecken. Brecken is about 3 weeks older than Lyndon. We decided to make this a big fun filled day.
We started out at Bass Pro shop and enjoyed all of the Christmas fun there. So many little Christmas scenes, wrote a letter to Santa, colored, played with toys and of course saw the huge fish.

Then off for some pizza. I didn't get any pictures there. But let me tell ya, we stood out like a sore thumb. We went to this trendy, little, urban pizza place downtown (deep deuce to be exact). It was a lot of professionals there. And he we come, two 3 year olds and a hungry infant. Thank goodness for the dough balls to play with. Even amongst it all, it was a great time with my friend.

Our next stop was to the new park downtown OKC by the botanical gardens. Boy was it the most modern park I have ever been too. Although windy and chilly, the kids had a blast.

Then off to pictures with Santa, back at Bass Pro shop. You get a free 4x6. Love that. We got there a little early and beat the long line. Lyndon was so excited, anticipating him coming out...but once it was our time for our picture the excitement left him just a little. He even said he was scared...what, where'd he get that. But he braved through it and got the picture. These are the pics I snapped and we still have the professional one from them.

It was a wonderful day with friends and a GREAT way to start off the Christmas season...shhh because it was before Thanksgiving.

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