Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Denton's eye surgery

The time has come. This Thursday October 27 our little Denton will go in for his cataract surgery.
For those who don't know, about 2 months ago we noticed his eye wondering to the outside. We got into the doctor and that's when they discovered he had a cone shape on the back of his lens, prosterious lenticonous, that caused a cataract. We were then told that his lens would definitely have to be removed and replaced with an implant lens. When the surgery would be was the question. Without impairing his vision more the doctor wanted to get him a little bigger for surgery purposes. The cataract has now doubled in size which means it's time for surgery.
We want to ask for your prayers. First we are still praying for a complete healing on his eye. If that is not God's will, we ask prayers for Denton with the anesthesia, his body to receive the implant well, his little body to tolerate the steroids, and his adjustment to glasses after surgery.
We know he is God's child and we've seen the evidence of his hand on him already.


Melodie said...

i'll be praying for all of this!

Cara said...


The Bynums said...

Praying for little Denton and for you guys!!