Thursday, September 15, 2011

School days School daze

I can not believe it. (That seems to be my reaction to most everything these days. But it's true.) I can't believe Lyndon is going to school. Ok it's technically Mother's Day out, but we call it school. We'd decided not to put Lyndon in any program until a baby number 2 came. Clearly that day came. I only wanted him to go one day a week, not pay a fortune, for it to be most of the day to be a more beneficial time for Denton and I and for him to go some where in Yukon. I succeeded at all the above. First Baptist Church Yukon is his new (and first) little school to go to. I enrolled him this summer and we've been talking about it every sense. As the open house/meet the teacher day approached I honestly began considering not sending him. I know I know many of you are thinking "good grief Daysha it's one day a week." But I stuck to my guns and believed in the reasons why we were sending him. We know that it will be good for him to meet and play with new friends, have a structured day with a teacher (eating lunch is a big one), become familiar with a school day and it gives little Denton and I some time with just us two.

The first school night actually came. When I was making his lunch I just could not believe I was making a school lunch for my kiddo. Man will this stuff ever sink in that I'm a mom?

Here we go...nap mat, backpack and lunch box with his smile, all ready to go!

Let me just tell ya, Lyndon did GREAT!!! He was real excited to go. Jeffery was able to go with us and we got there a little early to take pictures.

Then it was time for us to leave. Hugs and kisses and I love you's...and in he went and directly to the toys.

Sweet big boy he is. And if you're curious to know...none of my tears actually dripped out of my eyes. They may have been filled to the max, but they didn't drip. The thing that gets me the most with this whole school thing is the reality that this is the beginning of school for a long time, the beginning of days away from me. Now when Denton gets old enough, he may be locked up in the house...we'll just have to see.
And the results of his first day: GREAT day. He played great with friends. He even slept during the rest time. That's my biggest surprise. Not so well at eating his lunch, which was what we expected. Needless to say I was thrilled to have him home.

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Laci said...

Rest assured, I was the EXACT same way with Betsy. I only take her to school (as we call it also) one day a week also and at first it KILLED me, but as soon as I saw the look on her face and how much she was loving playing with new friends it was all worth it! Of course now I am able to relax and enjoy my time to myself! I'm glad Lyndon is having a good time!!