Friday, September 16, 2011

Denton our little pirate

I could easily say if it's not one thing it's another for us Behymer's. But I choose to see the many blessings in my life and pray for those who truly have tough times. Our newest and latest little hurdle is that Denton is going to have eye surgery. It all started with us about 2 months ago. Jeffery was the first to notice his little right eye was wondering to the outside. I hadn't noticed it at the time. It was maybe the next day that I did. We waited it out about a week then decided to call his eye doctor. A blessing is he already had an eye doctor due to his prematurity. ROP is a common disease in preemies that Denton had been checked for. So I was glad I knew right away who to call and they had a history with him and got us right in. We were suspecting weak muscles and that we'd patch for a short time and it would be all over with. Nope not his sweet eye. His muscles are strong and healthy. Get this answer, Denton has posterior lenticonus. Basically his lens has a cone shape to the back of his eye and now has a cataract on it. The lens has to come out and replaced with an implant lens. hhmmmph (blowing my lips out). We don't have a surgery date scheduled yet. The doctor is wanting him to get a little bigger before surgery due to anesthesia, as long as the cataract and his vision aren't getting worse. So as of now half of the day sweet Denton has a patch on his good eye. Due to his young age and his brain development we're forcing his brain to use the bad eye. A praise is he isn't bothered by the patch. Once we get the new lens through surgery he will still be patched so his brain can learn to use the eye. A month after surgery he will then be in glasses (and patched too for a time) from here on out. Again I know with ALL of my heart we have so many blessings in this little guy and there are really really truly sick kiddos out there that have to go through so much more. But I am still saddened by this all, even just the inconvenience of being in glasses. Just being real here. But we know without a doubt God has given us so much, more than we deserve. And this is just a part of the journey. I feel like this post was filled with a lot of rambling details. So with that, I will leave you with the cutest little pirate you'll ever see.


Laci said...

I just love your positivity about something so scary! Poor little guy! I will put you guys on my prayer list. It's so easy to say, "it could be much worse", but it's still tough to see things happen to your little ones. Hang in there momma! He's a tough one!

Cara said...

I love that lil' pirate :)

jimmy, marisa, jadeyn and brynlee said...

i'm just now getting around to reading this, but let me just say...little toddlers who wear glasses are just about the cutest in my book! We have a little boy who comes to CLC who's like 2 and he wears some very hip glasses and I'm in love with this little one. Denton will be making all the girls swoon : )