Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lyndon scare

Well we had another first around here, unfortunately not a great one. This past week our Sunday school class had a swim party for moms and kiddos. Lyndon and I were really excited. The day before the party I had a small skin procedure done (a spot removed) that resulted in me not being able to get in the water. Not a big deal Lyndon's had swim lessons, right?! Just teasing, I don't think that he's able to be all on his own. But with his floaties on he is good to go. Can you tell where this story is going? I tell ya it happened just like you've heard the other fast, before I even knew it. We hadn't been there but a few minutes. In fact the floaties weren't even out of the bag yet. We were standing right next to the fancy hot tub pool, also often used as the little kiddie pool, that has the seat along the inside. I had two other moms standing right there too. I say that A. to make me feel better, B. to show how quick it happened. The next thing I know I see Lyndon under water in the middle of the hot tub kiddie pool. His feet weren't touching the bottom and his head was completely under. It was like he was bobbing in the middle. I could see that his sweet big brown eyes were wide open. It was the worse and craziest feeling. It felt like time slowed way down and I couldn't get my feet to move and me in there fast enough. But I did get in there and got him up. My first instinct was to hug him. He must've had his mouth closed and blowing out of his nose because he wasn't coughing at all. Praise God. I didn't want him to be scared of the water so I showed him how proud I was of him and how brave he was. And he was fine. He seemed very surprised but not scared. SCARED ME TO DEATH and broke my heart. I assume he stepped right off the seat and went right down. I still can't believe it happened. But I am so so thankful to God for keeping him safe.

I love you Lyndon.

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Cara said...

YIKES! Scary!!! I'm glad he's ok...and you too :)
Smart boy blowing out his nose! Yay for swimming lessons!!!