Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big things at 4 months

Is it really true, lil bit Denton is already 4 1/2 months?!?!? It's true it's true. Being 4 months old does him very well. He said he's going to have a big month and he has. At 4 months and 3 days he decided it was time to roll over from his tummy to his back. He was on the floor lying on his little play mat and over he went. Of course the first time it happened of course I didn't have a battery charged camera any where close by. He did it twice that night and then not again for another two days. Now he's an official tummy to back roller.

At 4 months we brought out the 0-3 months clothes. Woohoo!!!

At 4 1/2 months, the Tuesday night after July 4th, he moved down the hall and spent his first night in his big boy room in his big boy bed. It's such a surreal moment when I realize wow I have two kiddos both sleeping in their own rooms. Not knowing if we will be having anymore kiddos makes it a sad moment thinking that there won't be newborn babies sleeping in my room again. But that's other thoughts for other days, not today!!

And we officially have a big smiler and a joyful laugher. LOVE IT!

We had Denton's 4 month well baby check appointment at 4 1/2 months. I must say Dr. Bowen and nurse Mrs. Sheila were very proud of this big boy. He weighed in at 12.6 lbs, and that puts us on the chart at 10%...can you believe it, the same little guy who at one point weighed 2.15lbs. His length is 23 1/2 in (3-10%). Get this, my two boys are walking hand in hand with their stats. Lyndon's 4 month was at 4 1/2 months too and his stats, 12.10lbs and 24 1/2in. We look at Denton and he seems bigger than we remember Lyndon being. Maybe that 1 in shorter makes a difference, or maybe it's just that hard to remember 2 1/2 yrs back. Who knows. But I am so happy and grateful and thrilled about how well Denton is doing. Developmentally he's doing wonderful!!!! Thank you God. We did leave the doctor's office with something new, a nebulizer machine for breathing treatments. This is new for us, Lyndon has never had one. Denton has days were he weezes a lot so we'll see if this will help. I'll let you know. Like I started with, really is he already 4 1/2 months? I just can't believe it. I look at those pictures from his first 6 weeks of life and can't do anything but praise God for where he's brought my baby boy.

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Laci said...

Yay for Denton! I can't believe he is already 4-1/2 months. He is growing so fast. So glad he is doing well and I'll be praying for him as he embarks on the new adventure of a nebulizer. Betsy had to use one just a couple of times and she great with it. He is adorable and I absolutely love watching your boys grow up. Such blessings!